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    Dear Applicant,


    Thank you for your interest in Millsap ISD.  We are thankful that you would like to become a Bulldog!  We want you to know what it means to join our special family.

    Our Vision is that we will be THE premier education organization.  To support our Vision, we have developed a culture that believes in a growth mindset.  We want to be better today than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are today.  All of Bulldog Nation supports each other in that endeavor.

    We value development of the whole child.  A child’s dreams are our mission.  A Bulldog graduate has a growth mindset, possesses self-confidence and integrity, is a lifelong learner, and is service oriented.  He or she is an effective communicator, an owner of their education, and is a problem solver.  No one group or program is more important than another and nearly every student is involved in multiple activities.  We work as a team to ensure that each student can participate in any activity they choose to pursue.

    We value community/parental partnerships and have mutual respect among students, staff, and community/parents.  Partnering is a privilege and we are blessed with our community’s support.  Parents, community, staff, and students are included in our students’ education in multiple ways including serving on committees, working in our schools, and providing input through surveys, etc.  We seek all stakeholders’ involvement because without them our schools would not exist.

    We believe student success is our ultimate measure.  We desire success and joy for everyone.  However, there are times when adults must put their own preferences aside for the achievement and safety of our children.  Decisions are not about convenience or ease of implementation.  They are made for whatever is best for our students ALWAYS, EVERY TIME.

    We practice ethical behavior and personal integrity.  Making the right decision is rarely simple, but Millsap ISD is dedicated to making the best moral decisions, no matter how difficult, for the preservation of what we hold dear in our society, as well as, to serve as an example to our students.

    We hope this letter allows you to determine if you have the heart of a Bulldog and can contribute to making Millsap ISD premier.  If so, please continue in the application process.  You WILL be supported, accepted, and loved every step of the way!


    In service together,


    Deann Lee