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Millsap I.S.D. Strategic Plan

 Millsap I.S.D. Strategic Plan

In the Fall of 2015, 49 members of the Millsap community and Millsap I.S.D. came together with a vision.  That vision being the creation of a comprehensive strategic plan to map out the course and direction of our school district for the next three to five years. 

The Strategic Planning Committee which was made up of parents, students, community members, board members, and staff met for two days in September, 2015.  The committee was led by a consultant contracted by the district to facilitate the discussion and work.  The committee read research, viewed videos of educational experts discussing trends in the field and worked together to come to consensus on what our students needed to be competitive in the 21st century.  Over two days the planning committee recommitted to the Mission/Vision/Value statements of the district.  The group created a “Portrait of a Graduate” which laid out the characteristics and talents desired of graduates of Millsap I.S.D.  Once this was all agreed upon, the group developed two comprehensive goals to provide guidance for the work of the district.  Once the goals were set, the committee developed four strategy statements to achieve the goals. 

After the initial two days in September, the Strategic Planning Committee assigned the four goals to four Strategic Planning Action Teams.  Those teams were tasked with conducting research and planning for the implementation of the assigned strategy.  The four teams met over six weeks to work through a process to develop specific tactics to implement those strategies.  Once this work was completed, the action team leaders presented their recommendations to the Strategic Planning Committee.  The four presentations took place in November, 2015.  The committee had the ability to ask questions, clarify information, and recommend edits.   At the end of the day in November, 2015 the Strategic Planning Committee came to unanimous agreement on the recommended tactics and gave full support to the overall plan for consideration by the Millsap I.S.D. Board of Trustees.

At the regular board meeting on December 14, 2015 the Millsap I.S.D. Board of Trustees considered the entire plan.  After hearing presentations from the administration, Strategic Planning Committee members, and Strategic Planning Action Team leaders the board voted unanimously to approve the Millsap I.S.D. Strategic Plan.

This is an exciting plan for the district and students.  We are very thankful and proud of the work by our community to set an exciting course for our district in the service of our students.  

Please click on the link below to view the approved Millsap I.S.D. Strategic Plan.