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Board Member Spotlight - Dr. Dene Herbel

This week we want to spotlight our School Board President, Dr. Dene Herbel.  Dr. Herbel has faithfully served on the Millsap ISD School Board for 21 years now, including 18 years as the Board President.  When he is not tending to School Board business, Dr. Herbel serves the community as Owner and Veterinarian at the Millsap Veterinary Clinic.  


During his time as a Board Member, Dr. Herbel is most proud of the new facilities that have been built for Millsap ISD students.  He has also enjoyed working with a School Board that is "united in purpose" to offer as many opportunities as possible.  He wanted to become a Board Trustee so that he could "better the education of students in the Millsap area".  


While not a graduate of Millsap ISD himself, Dr. Herbel has enjoyed watching his three children go through the school system over the years.  We are so glad to have Dr. Herbel as part of our School Board, working hard to provide the best opportunities possible to the Millsap community.  We are all grateful for your service.    


Dr. Dene Herbel