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August Board Meeting Recognitions

The Millsap ISD Board of Trustees recognized Bulldogs who are doing amazing things for the entire Millsap community at the August Board Meeting.


Jeff Johnson (Secondary) and Mimi Nairn (Elementary) were recognized as the Millsap ISD 2018-2019 Teachers of the Year.  These two highly deserving candidates were chosen by their peers as a token of their appreciation for all the hardwork they put in for Millsap ISD students.


Teachers of the Year


Stephanie Pitchford and Summer Williams were recognized for being awarded the 2019 TASB Risk Management Fund Excellence Award for their amazing work with the Kindness Stick Initiative that they implemented last school year.  Together they worked to spread kindness and compassion across the Millsap community, and everyone is so proud that their hard work and dedication was recognized.  


Summer Williams and Stephanie Pitchford