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Board Member Spotlight - Mr. Jon Hartman

Today we want to spotlight District Trustee Mr. Jon Hartman.  Mr. Hartman has served on the Millsap ISD Board of Trustees for the past six years, and has served as the Board Vice-President since November 2020.  


Mr. Hartman and his wife Shelly have been a very active part of the MISD community supporting everyone in many different ways.  Their daughter Sadie is an 8th grader at Millsap Middle School.  Sadie loves volleyball and has been a Millsap Bulldog going back all the way to Pre-K.      


As a District Trustee Mr. Hartman has enjoyed “being able to be an active part in bettering the school district for our students, as well as being an advocate for our school to our community”.  He wants to continue to do his part in helping Millsap ISD be the best school district it can be.  


There are three accomplishments that Mr. Hartman says he is most proud of during his time as a district trustee.  Those are hiring Mrs. Lee as the district Superintendent, voting to lower the tax rate, and working on the classroom additions to the Elementary School.  


Thank you Mr. Hartman, we are all grateful for your service.


Mr. Hartman