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Board Member Spotlight - Mrs. Andrea Schrick

The Board of Trustees is a vital part of the success in Millsap ISD, and today we would like to spotlight District Trustee Mrs. Andrea Schrick.  Mrs. Schrick began serving as a Board Trustee in November 2020.  


Mrs. Schrick currently has two children in Millsap ISD.  Jaden is 12 years old and in 6th grade, and Allison is eight years old and in 2nd grade.  She says, “I wanted to run for Trustee so I could be involved with the community and the school district.  I want to be a voice for parents and community members in Millsap”.  


She is elated to be a part of a team that will provide students the tools they need to succeed as well as being able to provide teachers raises and incentives.  She “cannot wait to see what the future brings as a School Board member” and is “ready to tackle anything that comes my way”.  


Thank you Mrs. Schrick, we are all grateful for your service. 


Mrs. Andrea Schrick