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    During the Fall of 2015 Millsap I.S.D. embarked on a journey to create a comprehensive strategic plan.  This plan will set the course of the school district for the next three to five years.  51 members of our community were part of the creation of this plan including community members, parents, students, school board members, and staff.  The work took approximately three months to complete with the final approval coming from our Millsap I.S.D. Board of Trustees in December, 2015. 


    This is an exciting plan that our planning team and action teams believe will make a lasting difference in the lives of our students and community.  Special thank you to our consultant, Mrs. Betty Burks for leading through the process and helping us challenge our present reality. 






    Millsap ISD will partner with parents to be the premier educational organization.



    The mission of Millsap ISD is to inspire, develop, and educate every student in a safe environment to be a productive citizen prepared for lifelong success.



    Your Child, Their Dreams, Our Mission



    • We value the development of the whole child.
    • We value community/parental partnerships and mutual respect.
    • We value positive relationships with students, staff, and parents.
    • We believe student success is our ultimate measure.
    • We practice ethical behavior and personal integrity.







    The Millsap ISD Premier Graduate will be:


    Inspired to:

    • Have a growth mindset,
    • Possess self-confidence and integrity, 
    • Be a lifelong learner, and
    • Be service oriented.


    An effective Communicator through:

    • Personal and social engagement.


    An Owner of their education by:

    • Being an active participant in their education,
    • Displaying perseverance, and
    • Being collaborative.


    A Problem Solver who is:

    • Adaptable and
    • A creative thinker.   





    • Every student will be empowered and prepared to develop into a productive citizen throughout life.
    • Every student will be challenged in a safe and nurturing environment.




    We will develop each student to become an innovative and creative thinker.


    • By August 2017, 50% of MISD classrooms will utilize problem-based learning (PBL)
    • By August 2017, 50% of MISD classrooms will utilize flexible scheduling.
    • By August 2017, 50% of MISD classrooms will utilize multi-level (grade) experiences.


    We will ensure district facilities support student learning and development for the 21st century learner.


    • By October 2016, each MISD campus will have at least 2 student collaboration areas.
    • By October 2016, each MISD campus will transform auxiliary space into a learning environment.
    • By October 2016, MISD will ensure the district infrastructure will support effective and timely digital access.
    • By October 2016, every MISD student will have daily access to a digital device to support their learning.


     We will ensure every facility has appropriate security measures.


    • By January 2016, MISD will implement identification procedures that assure all staff and students and their respective vehicle can be properly identified by any responder.
    • By June 2016, MISD will ensure that all campuses can be adequately monitored for safety and all visitors, students, and staff interaction are benign.
    • By August 2016, MISD will have updated and current emergency plans.
    • By August 2016, MISD will implement comprehensive and robust digital safety protocols that promote education and assure safety for all students, teaches proper digital citizenship, and balances freedom with restrictions.


    We will develop a working partnership between the school and community.


    • By May 2016, each campus will organize a career day for the 2016–17 school year.
    • By May 2016, and annually thereafter, each grade level will identify a student initiated service project opportunity Pre-K – 12th grade, for implementation the following school year.
    • By May 2016, a Community Communication plan will be implemented throughout the district and reviewed annually.



    • We will make decisions in the best interest of the students we serve.
    • We will reflect the values and embrace the vision, mission and direction of Millsap ISD.
    • We will not confine our thinking to the limits of our existing organization.
    • We will not allow government restraints to compromise learning opportunities.
    • We will be accountable for our success.