• Millsap ISD Your Child. Their Dream. Our Mission.


    In December of 2015, the Millsap ISD Board of Trustees adopted the first Strategic Plan for the school district.  The plan was updated in February of 2018.  It guided MISD’s work for two years as well as kept actions focused.  However, much of the Strategic Plan had been accomplished and, so, the journey to update the plan, yet again, started in July, 2019.


    From July through October, district leadership and consultant, Betty Burks met with parents, community members, school board members, students, and staff.  These groups gave their input as to how MISD can accomplish its vision of being PREMIER.  From these discussions, four areas of focus emerged.  On November 21, 2019, committee leaders and members met as a large group and then split into teams.  Over the next three months, these teams wrote Strategy Statements and Tactics as well as created Action Steps that would be needed in order to bring the Plan to fulfillment. 


    The action team leaders presented their work to a Strategic Planning committee comprised of students, staff, parents, and community members on February 11, 2020.  The committee analyzed the work, made adjustments and gave approval for the draft plan to be presented to the Millsap ISD Board of Trustees to consider.  Trustees unanimously approved the Plan on February 24, 2020.  This is intended to be a three to five-year plan as its tactics are quite ambitious and provides a Premier Vision.




    Premier Vision 2020
    Millsap ISD will partner with parents and community to be the premier educational
    The mission of Millsap ISD is to inspire, develop, and educate every student in a safe
    environment to be a productive, responsible citizen prepared for lifelong success.
    Your Child, Their Dreams, Our Mission
    We value the development of the whole child.
    We value community/parental partnerships and mutual respect.
    We value positive relationships with students, staff, and parents.
    We believe student success is our ultimate measure.
    We practice ethical behavior and personal integrity.
    Millsap ISD will foster an environment in which graduates
    Are inspired to:
     Have growth mindsets,
     Possess self-confidence and integrity,
     Be lifelong learners, and
     Be service oriented.
    Effectively communicate through:
     Personal and social engagement.
    Own their education by:
     Being active participants in their education,
     Displaying perseverance, and
     Being collaborative.
    Are problem solvers who are:
     Adaptable and
     Creative thinkers.
    Every student will be empowered and prepared to develop into a productive, responsible
    citizen throughout life.
    Every student will be challenged in a safe and nurturing environment.
    Strategy 1: We will ensure learning environments are designed for authentic
    student engagement.
    TACTIC 1: By May 2023, a Millsap ISD Portrait of a Teacher will be implemented.
    TACTIC 2: By May 2023, all MISD’s Teachers will design and deliver lessons that
    utilize engagement strategies and will increase the effectiveness of instructional time.
    TACTIC 3: By May 2023, 100% of students within a six-week cycle will have the
    opportunity to learn and demonstrate mastery through choice.
    TACTIC 4: By May 2023, all students in Math and Reading K-12 will set individual
    goals based on aligned, high-impact standards and track their progress.
    Strategy 2: We will provide a comprehensive, safe educational environment to
    maximize student learning.
    TACTIC 1: By May 2020 and annually thereafter, an MISD Board of Trustee-approved
    Safety Committee will ensure implementation of the district multi-hazard emergency
    operations plan.
    TACTIC 2: By May 2021, implement intentional communication with all stakeholders
    regarding our safe and secure learning environment.
    TACTIC 3: By May 2022, a comprehensive social and emotional wellness program
    will be in place for all students and staff.
    TACTIC 4: By May 2020, ensure diligence to provide a safe digital learning
    Strategy 3: We will provide facilities that support the educational development of well-
    rounded students.
    TACTIC 1: By October 2024, all MISD classrooms will contain adaptive furniture
    appropriate to the content area.
    TACTIC 2: By October 2024, all instructional classrooms will contain appropriate AV
    equipment for instruction and student display of learning.
    TACTIC 3: By October 2024, each campus will have a collaborative Maker Space
    area designated for students to create, apply, and demonstrate learning.
    TACTIC 4: By October 2024, all campus facilities will be upgraded to reflect a
    contemporary learning environment.
    Strategy 4: We will create an authentic learning community engaging parents,
    students, staff, and community.
    TACTIC 1: By August 2020, maintain a district wide calendar that encompasses
    campus events.
    TACTIC 2: By May 2021, each campus will host a Village Program event on a rotating
    TACTIC 3: By August 2021, each campus will establish student led events to increase
    parent engagement in the learning process.
    TACTIC 4: By August 2023, begin a College, Career, Military Readiness Program,
    grades 5-12, to close opportunity gaps.
    We will make decisions in the best interest of the students we serve.
    We will reflect the values and embrace the vision, mission and direction of Millsap ISD.
    We will not confine our thinking to the limits of our existing organization.
    We will not allow government restraints to compromise learning opportunities.
    We will be accountable for our success.