Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Dale

My name is Jennifer Dale.  I teach 3rd Grade Math and Science.  This is my 5th year at Millsap teaching and my 14th year teaching overall.  I have a husband, Bart and we have been married for 16 years.  He enjoys all things outside.  He loves to team rope and watch his kiddos in their various activities.  I have 2 daughters, Claire and Cainlee.  Claire is 14 and is a Freshman at Millsap High School.  She is involved in many activities.  Her first love is basketball but she also enjoys tennis and breakaway roping. My youngest, Cainlee, will be in 6th grade at Millsap Middle School.  She is just like her daddy and loves all things outside, especially team roping.

  • Mrs. Dale’s 3rd Grade Schedule

    7:30-7:50: Morning Meeting

    8:00-9:10:  Rotations

    * We have PE on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.  We will 

       also have Music, Art, Library, STEM and Counselor each week.


    9:15-10:45: Math- Dale’s Class

               9:15-9:25: Warm-Up

               9:25-9:35: Mini-Lesson

               9:35-10:35 M.A.T.H. Rotations

               10:35-10:45 Reflect & Share 

    10:45-11:15: Science- Dale’s Class

               10:45-11:00: Mini-Lesson

               11:00-11:15:  Science Activities

    11:20-11:50: Lunch


    11:55-1:55: ELA- Southerland’s Class

               11:55-12:05: Daily Reading Comprehension

               12:05-12:15: Reading Mini-Lesson

               12:15-1:05: Reading Groups/Social Studies

               1:15-1:25: Writing Mini-Lesson

               1:25-1:55:  Independent Writing & Conferences


    2:00-2:30: Recess

    2:30-3:25: DOG Time (Intervention)


    3:25: Homeroom & get ready for dismissal