Special Education Program

  • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) utilizes Child Find to locate children birth through 21, who may be eligible for early intervention or special education services.  Millsap ISD partners with Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and Parker County Co-op Special Services to work closely with community service agencies and parents to locate children with disabilities. Parents may call the ECI toll free number for children birth to 3 (1-888-754-0524), or Parker County Co-op (817-596-0024) for children birth to 21.  You may also contact MISD at 940-682-4994.


    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is offering Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) to help students recover from the Covid closure experienced last spring. You are receiving  this notification as your student has met the criteria to take advantage of these one time offered services.


    Please note the SSES is being offered by TEA in addition to services being provided during the current school instructional day. Per TEA, Brock ISD responsible to provide you the information. It is your choice as to whether you pursue the services.


    The entire SSES program is an on-line option only.


    Additional information may be obtained at: SSESinfo@tea.texas.gov


    More information can be found on the flyer here.


     Why is Child Find Important?

    Child Find helps the child, the family, and the school to plan appropriate services and link families to services for students meeting eligibility requirements in the following disability areas:

              Speech Impairment

              Hearing Impairment

              Visual Impairment


              Mental Retardation


              Specific Learning Disabilities

              Traumatic Brain Injury

              Orthopedic Impairment

              Other Health Impairment

              Emotional Disturbance


    Who Can Refer a Child to Child Find?

    • Parents
    •  Preschools
    •  Daycares
    • Child Care Providers
    •  Doctors/Nurses
    • Social Workers
    • Anyone who knows the child


    How do you know if your child is developing typically?

    At 3 months, a child typically:

    • follows objects with eyes
    • responds to loud sounds
    • smiles
    • makes cooing sounds


    At 6 months, a child typically:

    • knows familiar faces
    • plays with toes
    • babbles
    • sits with support


    At 12 months, a child typically:

    • pulls to standing position
    • crawls to hands and knees
    • places toys in a container
    • says one or two words


    At 18 months, a child typically:

    • pulls off shoes and socks
    • stacks blocks
    • turns the pages of a book
    • walks without help
    • follows simple directions


    At 2 years, a child typically:

    • says sentences
    • recognizes pictures
    • plays alone
    • runs
    • identifies parts of a face


    At 3 years, a child typically:

    • rides a tricycle
    • opens doors
    • is toilet trained
    • hops on one foot
    • plays with other children


    For more information, please contact MISD or Parker County Co-op Special Services at 817-596-0024.