• Millsap ISD Your Child. Their Dream. Our Mission.


    In December of 2015, the Millsap ISD Board of Trustees adopted a Strategic Plan for the school district.  The Strategic Plan guided MISD's work for two years as well as kept actions focused.  However, by Fall of 2017, much of the Strategic Plan had been accomplished and, so, the journey to update the plan started.


    A Strategic Planning Committee was formed with parents, community members, school board members, students, and staff.  The committee met as a whole to review the Mission/Vision/Values of Millsap ISD as well as the Portrait of a Graduate, the plans’ goals and strategies.  From these discussions, five strategy statements were written resulting in five Strategic Plan Action Teams.


    The Action Team leaders presented their work to the Strategic Planning committee for approval and support.  The committee analyzed the work and gave approval for the plan to be presented to the Millsap ISD Board of Trustees to consider.  Millsap ISD's updated Strategic Plan was unanimously approved in February of 2018. 




    February 2018





    Millsap ISD will partner with parents and community to be the premier educational organization.





    The mission of Millsap ISD is to inspire, develop, and educate every student in a safe environment to be a productive, responsible citizen prepared for lifelong success.





    Your Child, Their Dreams, Our Mission






    We value the development of the whole child.


    We value community/parental partnerships and mutual respect.


    We value positive relationships with students, staff, and parents.


    We believe student success is our ultimate measure.


    We practice ethical behavior and personal integrity.






    Millsap ISD will foster an environment in which graduates


    Are inspired to:

    • Have growth mindsets,

    • Possess self-confidence and integrity,

    • Be lifelong learners, and

    • Be service oriented.


    Effectively communicate through:

    • Personal and social engagement.


    Own their education by:

    • Being active participants in their education,

    • Displaying perseverance, and

    • Being collaborative.


    Are problem solvers who are:

    • Adaptable and

    • Creative thinkers.





    Every student will be empowered and prepared to develop into a productive, responsible citizen throughout life.


    Every student will be challenged in a safe and nurturing environment.





    We will develop each student to become an innovative and creative thinker.


    • By January 2020, 50% of students will participate each semester in activities that utilize

      problem solving

      strategies to resolve

      real world


    • By January 2020, 75% of classrooms will utilize flexible scheduling.

    • By January 2020, 75% of classrooms will utilize multi-level (grade) experiences.


        We will ensure every facility has appropriate security measures.


    • By December 2018, MISD will implement a concealed and carry weapons policy for school staff.

    • By December 2018, MISD will ensure that all facilities can be adequately monitored for safety and all visitors, students, and staff interaction are benign.

    • By August 2018, MISD will develop and implement emergency operation plans (EOP) for all non-instructional facilities to support campus EOPs.


    We will ensure district facilities support innovative learning.


    • By October 2019, the district will possess one digital device per student.

    • By October 2018, train 50% of the staff on each campus to facilitate timely access to digital educational websites.

    • By October 2018, train 50% of the staff on each campus to facilitate the timely addition and updating of computer apps.

    • By October 2018, update the instructional and technology resources in at least one collaborative space per campus.

    • By October 2018, have a


      support team consisting of staff and students, when appropriate, on each campus.


    We will ensure appropriate cyber and digital security measures.


      • By June 2018, develop a DRBC (Disaster Recovery Business Continuity) plan that includes back up of vulnerable data.

      • By December 2018, secure all devices brought into the district network.

      • By May 2019, all staff, students


        parents receive training on digital citizenship.


    We will develop working partnerships with the community, businesses, the military, technical schools, and higher education.


      • Expose students to a variety of technical, higher education, and career opportunities each year.

      • Each year, grade levels and/or clubs or organizations will complete community service projects.

      • We will maintain community communication.





    We will make decisions in the best interest of the students we serve.

    We will reflect the values and embrace the vision, mission and direction of Millsap ISD.

    We will not confine our thinking to the limits of our existing organization.

    We will not allow government restraints to compromise learning opportunities.

    We will be accountable for our success.