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Town Hall Meeting

Millsap ISD Town Hall Meeting 


The following contains a summary of the questions and discussions at the Millsap ISD Town Hall Meeting hosted by the MISD Board of Trustees on September 29, 2022. 


  • The Town Hall meeting started with a presentation by the Board of Trustees.  View the board presentation HERE.

  • The following questions highlight topics of discussion during the event. 

  • The Town Hall Meeting was audio recorded.  Listen to the Town Hall recording HERE.

Facility Needs: 

  1. Concerning the Millsap ISD facility needs, how will the district prioritize the needs? 

Millsap ISD is committed to developing the whole child and providing facilities supporting this development.  However, the district is limited by the available resources.  To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the district's needs, the Millsap ISD Board of Trustees hired PBK, an expert construction/architecture firm, to analyze facilities districtwide.  The results of this analysis will be utilized to prioritize needs. 


  1. Who will make these decisions?

The final decision will include feedback from a variety of stakeholders, including a community committee which will be formed to provide input.  The findings from the facility study completed by PBK will also be utilized to formulate decisions.  This process will take time.  Ultimately, the Millsap ISD Board of Trustees will make the final decision. 


  1. Given a community committee, how will those who serve on the committee be selected?

At this time, the formation of the community committee is still being developed.  The committee is projected to be formed in the first week of November 2022. 


  1. Are there current facilities that are expandable at Millsap ISD? 

The Millsap ISD facilities were built before the current board of trustees' tenure.  The ability to expand the facilities is currently being reviewed.  


  1. What are the current plans for expanding the school(s)? 

Millsap ISD is currently conducting a facility study that will provide insight into district growth, capacity, and condition.  District needs and facility study findings will provide the critical information necessary to make effective decisions concerning expansion, building, or refurbishing facilities.  

  1. Are adding portable buildings a possibility?

Adding portable buildings is the last resort.  At this time, Millsap ISD doesn't need to entertain this as a solution.  Instead, the district is reviewing other possibilities to add educational space, including the possibility of refurbishing the 1983 building. 


  1. Does Millsap ISD currently have the land to add facilities, or will the district need to purchase land if needed?

Millsap ISD owns the land surrounding the current facilities and has a block of land between Millsap High School and Millsap Middle School.  At this time, there is no discussion of the need to purchase land. 


  1. If MES continues to grow, will the 5th grade have to move to another campus? 

This would be one of the options discussed.  The Millsap ISD administration would help guide this decision. 


  1. The money MISD currently has designated for construction/facilities is 2.7 million.  Will this amount of money complete all the needs included in Millsap ISD’s Strategic Planning Considerations?  How many needs can this amount of money complete?

Millsap ISD is waiting on the results from the facility study before the district will have a comprehensive lens of district needs.  Additionally, the discussions concerning need prioritization were held under a previous board and administration.  The current board and administration will consider all facts before making decisions.  Any monies MISD spends from the current designated fund balance will deduct from the resources the district has available to spend on future needs. 

Millsap ISD has hired a company to conduct a Facility Study for the district. 


  1. What will this facility study include?

The facility study will provide Millsap ISD with the current conditions of all facilities, including athletic facilities.  It includes information on mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, and structural needs.  The study will also have the current capacity of each campus and projected growth for the district. 


  1. When will the facility study be completed?

The facility study is anticipated to be completed by the end of October.  Upon the study's conclusion, a community committee will be formed to help review the study's findings.


  1. What does the facility study cost?

After reviewing multiple companies, PBK was selected as this company provided specialists in various areas.  This professional insight, in a variety of areas, will be used to guide the district's decision-making.  The cost of the comprehensive facility study is $30,000, a midpoint amongst cost projections.  Some projections were as high as $100,000.


  1. When will the findings be presented?

Upon completion, a full report will occur at an upcoming Millsap ISD Board of Trustee meeting.  As always, this meeting will be publicly announced, and an agenda will be posted before the meeting. 



  1. Is there a possibility that Millsap ISD will get turf? 

Millsap ISD is reviewing all facilities and working to make the best decisions for the district.  Turf and the MISD Track are both considered options for improvements.  However, these improvements will come with a substantial cost.  These two projections alone come with a multi-million-dollar estimation.  


  1.  Is turf a one-time cost?  

Turf is not a one-time cost.  Instead, turf has a limited lifetime and will need to be replaced.  Additionally, turf requires ongoing maintenance, which uses special machinery the district will have to purchase. 


  1. Can turf be a part of a bond package?

Millsap ISD has a bond council that provides the district guidance on questions concerning bonds.  Currently, the district's understanding is bonds are proposed that include various propositions.  The athletic facilities could be a proposition that taxpayers would have the opportunity to vote upon.  Millsap ISD bond council will be consulted early in any bond discussions.


Transfer Students:

Is there a current plan for transfers? 

Millsap ISD has approximately 35% transfers, which includes many employee students.  Transfers are a benefit to Millsap ISD as they provide additional state funding.  Even so, the challenge is obtaining the right balance between transfer students and resident students.  The district is currently working to develop and implement an effective Millsap ISD Transfer Plan.  

4-Day week:

  1. What is the likelihood Millsap ISD will move to a 4-day week? 

Some other districts in the area are moving to a 4-day week.  Millsap ISD would like to learn from these districts' experiences concerning the 4-day educational model.  Before moving to a 4-day week, there will be multiple opportunities for educational stakeholders to provide feedback. 


  1. Will a 4-day week increase the daily time at school?

The state of Texas determines the number of minutes school districts must attend school (75,600 minutes).  To meet the state-mandated 75,600 instructional minutes, school districts that implement a 4-day week typically adjust their schedule by the number of minutes per day or the total number of school days


District Information:

How can I get district information beyond the standard district social media accounts?

Millsap ISD provides various ways to obtain district/campus information beyond Facebook and Twitter.  Parents of students receive regular newsletter updates from the campus.  The campus/district communicates directly through texts, phone calls, and emails.  The Millsap ISD website, App, and Event Calendar are regularly updated.  The Millsap ISD digital sign is updated weekly to highlight upcoming events.  Parents seeking information are always welcome to contact the campus directly.  Contact information is as follows:  MES 940-274-2621; MMS 940-274-2661; MHS 940-274-2682. 



Free Lunches: 

Does Millsap ISD offer free lunches for all students like previously was the case?

Millsap ISD partakes in the National School Lunch Program.  Through this program, all students have received free breakfast and lunch for the last two years.  However, the source of funding that allowed all students to eat free is no longer available.  Students may still qualify for free or reduced lunches through the traditional application process. 




What safety features will be included when the district purchases new buses to promote student safety?

Millsap ISD has a district safety committee comprised of staff, two board members, and community members.  The district's safety committee considers those questions and needs and then advises the district on how to proceed.  MISD does not yet have an exact list of buses with detailed safety features for each one. 


It was requested that parents know the name of the bus driver driving the student bus.  

Millsap ISD will happily provide a list of the names of each full-time bus driver.  However, route drivers often change throughout the year.  At any one time, a route may have a substitute driver.  Millsap ISD trains all bus drivers to focus completely on driving while behind the wheel.  To ensure parents always have a transportation contact, the district provides the Transportation Director's contact information for emergencies or daily needs.  Please contact Ms. Brigitte Hargrove, Millsap ISD Transportation Director, for transportation needs.  She can be reached at 940-274-2614 or