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Parent Portal Link Update

Many of the tools that the district uses have gotten a little facelift this summer, including our Parent Portal system.  Parents should not see too much of a change, but the layout has changed slightly. 


This new system will also provide a new Student Portal so that students can monitor their own grades and resources.  We don't know much about this new system yet, but we will be teaching students how it can impact their learning in the fall.  


The biggest change is that the link to Parent Portal had to change for the new update.  The easiest way to navigate to the Millsap ISD Parent Portal is to find the link on the front of our website, or navigate to You can add a shortcut to Parent Portal to your phone by following these easy steps


If you have not used Parent Portal to register your students for the 21-22 school year, now would be a great opportunity to check out the new layout and get them set up for next year.