• The Village

    The Village is a program for parents who have students in the Millsap School District. Statistics show that a student’s success is critically tied to having a parent actively engaged in their education. This can be challenging for any parent; understanding content as it is taught today, ever-changing developments in technology, and the new social aspects of today’s modern world can all be difficult to navigate for parents and students alike. 

    The Village will strive to assist overcoming these obstacles by building relationships between school personnel and parents, providing resources and information to promote academic growth, and creating a community of support and transparency.

    Several tools will be used to reach these goals. Meetings will take place at least once a month, addressing various topics and featuring helpful information to counter them. Because parent’s schedules are so different, these meetings will take place at various times in an attempt to accommodate everyone. The MISD website, The Village page on Facebook, and flyers will be used for parent communication. Parents are also welcomed and encouraged to contact me at any time via phone at 940-274-2700, email at mbeard@millsapisd.net, or through The Village Facebook page. 

    It really does take a Village to raise a child, and we look forward to partnering with parents. If you have a child in Millsap ISD, you are a part of this family. I welcome you to get involved and discover how we can help one another.

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