I  went to college at Southern Arkansas University to become a veterinarian, little did I know then that was going to lead me to become a teacher. During my last semester of college I was given the opportunity to teach Pre-K, I saw first hand the satisfaction that teaching brings. The impact education and teachers have on students was clear to me instantly working with those young children.

    After college I left Magnolia, Arkansas to pursue alternative certification in the great state Texas at Weatherford College. Why Texas your asking? Well my husband, that I meant in college, is from Texas.  I secured a teaching job in the Mineral Wells Independent School District. I taught 7th grade science and loved working with students. But after teaching for one year I could not help but feel like I gave up on my dream to work in the veterinary field to quickly. So I pursued a career as a veterinary technician. Now, don't get me wrong I loved teaching but I could not spend my life wondering about my previous dream. I worked in veterinary medicine for almost ten years. During that time I could not help but feel like something was missing from my life. I discovered that my greatest experiences at work when I was able to educate and teach others about my knowledge. It was then I realized that teaching was the path for me. I just needed to combine my love for agriculture and animals with education.

    In 2014 I was given the opportunity to return to teaching at Strawn ISD where I taught  science to grades 6th-12th. My passion for teaching was alive. I have spent the past few year teaching and I have grown so much from my students and my fellow teachers.

    I absolutely love teaching agriculture science. I enjoy working with students in the classroom and outside the classroom. It doesn't matter if I am helping a student understand the Punnett Square or how to properly brush their steer, this is my purpose. Although there are many early and long days, I would not trade a moment of it.