Thank you for taking the time to learn about Millsap ISD.  Our district is an amazing place for students and staff alike!  We like to say our Bulldogs are relationship-centered and student-focused.  Our district has a family atmosphere where we daily embark on the joint mission of being a premier educational organization.  A few things that make us special are that we are purpose-driven, passionate about our work, striving to be premier, take pride in who we are, and are people-oriented.  We are special, and we seek special individuals to join our team.  It is our students, staff, and culture that make us standout from the rest.

    Millsap Bulldogs value the development of the whole child.  A child’s dreams are our mission.   Millsap ISD has a growth-mindset culture where we strive each day to be better than the day before.  Even more important is that all of our Bulldogs support one another in this endeavor. It is our goal to ensure graduates of MISD exhibit a growth mindset, self-confidence, ethical behavior, dedication to lifelong learning, and service orientation.  In our district, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of programs so it is our charge to provide engaging activities for our learners. 

    As Bulldogs, we value community/parental partnerships and continually strive to cultivate positive relationships among students, staff, and community/parents.  Partnering is a privilege, and we are blessed with our community's support.  As educators, we are driven by the joy of seeing students succeed and are dedicated to making decisions that are foundational to their success.  Therefore, decisions are based on what is best for our students and founded on ethical standards.

    Millsap ISD enjoys welcoming new students and staff to our family.  We are continually seeking individuals who can contribute to our school district.  This is a place where individual strengths are recognized and celebrated.  If you become a Bulldog, you will be joining a team that loves students, is driven to provide an excellent education, is dedicated to a joint mission, and supports one another.

    Thank you again for your interest in our district.  You could not join a more special team! 


    Dr. Edie Martin